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The Mission of the Coalition for Aging LGBT:

Improve and protect the quality of life of older LGBT adults in North Texas through coordination and collaboration for health, housing, advocacy, financial security and social services.

About the Coalition for Aging LGBT:

The Coalition for Aging LGBT has been serving the aging LGBT community since 2015. Our mission promotes personal well-being, dignity and autonomy through the delivery of high quality, affordable and culturally competent home and community-based care from our affiliate organizations. We are working with involved LGBT and Aging Organizations (locally and nationally) to create comprehensive programs to address the unique needs of the LGBT Aging Community.

We serve the four largest counties of North Texas; Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Denton. It is estimated (through the assistance of the US Census data and further data analysis from The Williams Institute at UCLA), that the population of this 4- county area of lesbian and gay members age 45 and older is at 195,000 and will continue to rise in the next 10 years to right at 200,000.

The challenges facing the aging LGBT individuals are real, and will ultimately affect the vast majority of the LGBT community. We are taking immediate action to create programs and make cultural changes to insure the quality of life and dignity.

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About Trans Kids and Families of Texas:

Trans Kids and Families of Texas is a 501(c)(3) created to support parents and their transgender children. Founded in 2015 with the launch of their charter project DFW Trans Kids and Families, the organization has grown to more than 500 parents and kids across the state of Texas.

What started out as a parental support and therapy group soon morphed into a larger local kids and family support and social group, or even more of an extended family. This is an open an accepting group of people that has become tight-knit through similar circumstances and enjoys spending time together. We have grown quite rapidly since the spring of 2015 and continue to see our numbers increase weekly.

Our many members are looking to make changes and help the world understand that transgender people are no different than anyone else. Creating education as well as friendship and community helps to strengthen our cause and make people realize that our families are just like theirs.

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About the Resource Center:

Resource Center envisions an equitable society in which all community members are afforded the opportunity to thrive without bias or barriers based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or HIV status. Resource Center pursues societal equity by proudly offering LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, plus) affirming resources designed to improve health and wellness, strengthen families and communities, and provide transformative education and advocacy.

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About Legacy cares:

For over 25 years, Legacy has been providing quality mental healthcare, substance abuse treatment, and special care housing services for people challenged with HIV and AIDS.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with HIV or even if you’re a longtime survivor but you need some emotional support, our Counseling Center has a number of therapeutic programs to suit your individual needs from one-on-one personal counseling to interactive group sessions.

Our Substance Abuse Program offers both intensive and supportive assistance for HIV-positive individuals with chemical dependency issues such as alcoholism or cocaine addiction.

If you have AIDS and require 24-hour supervised care, our special needs facility Legacy Cottage is here to help.

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The Mission of Prism Health North Texas:

Advancing the health of North Texas through education, research, prevention, and personalized integrated HIV care.

About Prism Health North Texas:

Prism Health North Texas opened services in 1986 during the HIV/AIDS crisis in North Texas, through an initial grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Formed as AIDS Arms Network out of the Communities Foundation of Texas, PHNTX for the past 35 years has served the critical role of connecting people living with HIV to care and services in the area. PHNTX evolved to be a nationally recognized leader in delivering high-quality HIV and sexual health services, most recently expanding services to address the alarming rise in sexually transmitted infections in Dallas County and North Texas. Roughly 30% of people living with HIV in North Texas receive medical care and support at one of the four health centers.

PHNTX is committed to providing healthcare for all North Texans in a non-judgmental and affirming environment. The organization strives to remove the barriers that prevent any individual from accessing quality healthcare. PHNTX stands for health equity, especially for marginalized populations including people living with HIV, LGBTQIA+, and ethnic minorities. Every individual has the right to affordable, accessible health care and the opportunity to attain their highest level of health.

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The mission of The PSSA WINGS Fund is to enhance the quality of life of our PSSA family through emotional and financial assistance who may be facing challenges with injury, illness or other circumstances. The fund has been created to help those individuals who may be faced with hardships due to circumstances caused directly or indirectly participating in league play as a player, non-player, bystander or fan.


We may have additional opportunities.

If you wish to apply, click here and send us a message if interested. 

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